Great overall Yamaha snowmobile website.
Forum dedicated to the fan cooled 540 counterpart.
A newly started website with a bright future dedicated to the Exciter SX.
This website is devoted to the 4 cylinder brothers of the 540, the Vmax 4 750 (from 93-95) and the Vmax 4 800 (from 96-98)
A ton of info on all makes and models of vintage snowmobiles.
The best bang for your buck in the line of EGT's that i have found.
This guy can really hook up with high quality parts and a lot more R&D than you thought went into the skegs!

Classifieds/ Swap meet

Parts Catalogs

Other Cool Websites
Great all around Yamaha ATV website but beware of bad advice.
AWESOME site for 350 Warriors, and other 350 Yamaha ATVs.
Bob Vehring's website on his 120's and gokarting. Thanks for the all input in the last few months Bob!


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