Thanks and Dedication

Many Thanks, to my nephew Tyler Ochs, whom without his help this site would have been nearly impossible !


This page is dedicated to my snowmobiling buddy and best friend, my father James   (Hermit ) Schettler Sr.  who Passed away from this life March 14 2000.   He loved his Family and friends.  He enjoyed snowmobiling together with his family and friends, while he especially looked forward to the competition our sport offers.  I can’t count the number of times he rejetted, reclutched or tweaked his SRV or Phazer to perfection and challenged me or others to a little Friendly  trip across the back forty !  Even though I ran larger c.c. Sleds it wasn't uncommon for his efforts to pay off and allow him to claim victory!  He was a proud man who would literally give a stranger, let alone his family or friends the best of everything he had to give. It was this same proud perfectionist willpower that he used in the fight for his life, even though the doctors said time and time again the hurdles were too high he bounced back against all odds.  He gave until his body could give no more.   His family and friends have no doubt what so ever that he is surrounded by the rich rewards of Heaven.  Happy trails Dad we love and miss you!