Vintage Yamaha 100 at Snowmobile Hall of Fame. February 13

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Vintage Yamaha 100 at Snowmobile Hall of Fame. February 13

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Ok Vintage Yamaha Snowmobile Fans....... I have a challenge for you. I have been thinking on this idea for some time and I got the Snowmobile Hall of Fame Board to agree to add this event to this years Ride With the Champs. This year we will be having, in addition to our normal sanctioned rides, the Yamaha Vintage 100 ride. The past several years our event has grown and we have had participation from the Vintage John Deere guys along with a fair amount of Arctic Cats and a few Yamaha's here and there each year. With Yamaha having been the number one selling snowmobile brand for all of the 1980's I suspect we can get a huge turn out from this group.

The ride will be 100 miles. There will be gas stops, and a chase trailer as well. The ride is part of the Ride With the Champs event at the Snowmobile Hall of Fame. I will be leading the ride and organizing it. This ride is for any Yamaha 20 years and older. I have attached a link to the event. You get breakfast, lunch and dinner for the events cost and that includes the SHOF induction ceremony at the White Tail Lodge in St. Germain, WI.

Usually people come on Thursday and we have a poker run or other local rides on Friday. Then Saturday starts the event.

My challenge is can we get 20, 50, 100 vintage Yamaha guys to show up, and run their sleds 100 miles - with out breaking down? I am confident we can. I have done the rides every year. I have always made it home but I have had some close calls. Carbs gummed up, idler wheel falling off, recoil breaking, but I always have made it back - will yours! Can the Vintage Yamaha snowmobile be the lead brand at this event this year with the most representation? Email me with questions. Pre-register for the event. We will have special colored bibs, possibly other surprises for registrants as well. Mark your calendars: February 13th, 2016
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