My response to SnowGoer Magazine for
continually calling the Original Phazer a Joke.


Dear Mailbag

While it is obivious your writers are to Green to have grown up riding AMF SKI - DADDLERS, POLARIS COLTS, RUPP SPORTS, and SNO-JETS it is still a shame to see them continually degrade the PHAZER and the thousand’s of snowmobilers who own these sleds!!! I rode, and worked on many makes and models over the years, so my definition of a Joke is their opinion.

Keep in mind that this is a sled that debuted in 1984... it never benefited from a aluminum bulk head, 40 inch plus ski stance, or a long travel suspension. What it did have was torque, light weight, gas mileage, nimble handling, bulletproof reliability, and head turning appeal in a package that is still hard to beat after 15 years!!! Funny how people are still asking for a sled with these features. In my garage you can find 86, 90, 91, 96, and a 97 snowmobiles, but the one that gets the attention of my friends is my wifes 1990 PHAZER!!! I can only hope that someday your writers/yuppies meet a phazer on a backwoods tight and twisty trail, not one of the interstate type trails and get their butts kicked into PHAZER history !


T.S.S.’S Forever

Charles E Schettler