My 1997 Letter to SnoGoer Magazine
Concerning YAMAHA's Updated Chassis



   I wrote this letter two year’s ago and sent it to Snowgoer several times .  This was written in response to their condemning Yamaha for waiting so long to update the  T.S.S. .  They never printed or responded .

    Welcome  back  Scorpion  the  Snowmobile  Industry  missed  the  Brute , Whip , Sting , and  your  innovative  ideas !!!  It  is  refreshing  to  see  Scorpion  take  front  suspension  technology  to a  higher plateau.  With  the  exception  of  Artic  Cat  the other manufacturers  have been content  with  the  25-year-old  radius rod,  coil over shock,  trailing arm  suspension .  The  same  type  of  suspension  used  by  Chaparral , Scorpion , Artic Cat , Lunette  and  many  others throughout  the  70's  in  oval  and  Sno-Pro  circuit's.  Refined  by  Gorden  Rudolph , Polaris  eventually  adopted  this  design  for  it's  RXL  Sno-Pro  racer  and  then  incorporated  it  into their consumer Indy series sleds . My hat is tipped to Scorpion and maybe soon my wallet for coming out with a modern suspension.  Even with Polaris, Ski-Doo and Yamaha refining their versions of trailing arm types, the M-10, Yamaha and maybe Scorpion rear suspensions have pushed technology past the capabilities of the aging trailing arms.  Lets all hope the other manufacturers push the Suspension Revolution to greater heights!

     Although most riders are brand loyal I still dream about the next generation Red Rupp Nitro !!!

Et  tu ,  Brute

Charles  E  Schettler