This letter was written in response to the closing of Yellowstone National Park to snowmobiles.  Feel free to use it to support the effort against the closing of National Parks.


Dear Editor


        I am writing to express my concerns with your article banning snowmobiles, from national parks.  I am also troubled by the manner in which the national parks will be banning snowmobiles without considering the latest scientific data and progress the industry is making with emissions and sound levels. Where was the democratic process that allowed all tax paying, voting Americans to voice their opinions on closing our parks. This is the process that made America the greatest society in the free world .  Were E.P.A. guidelines not met for emissions and sound levels? Why couldn’t the Snowmobile industry, E.P.A. and the National Park Service sit down and work out guidelines for reducing emissions and sound levels on a reasonable time frame? I believe this would be a better solution that would not cripple industry and the rural American towns that benefit from snowmobile tourism!

Thank You

Charles E Schettler