Vintage Questions

Below is a list of Questions I have on the VMAX 540. Please list your answers in the forum.  Thanks.

1.  Did YAMAHA name the VMAX from Velocity Maximum?

2.  Did the '82 SRX have the same VMAX emblem on the hood as the ' 83?

3.  Why does it seem there are as many '83 540's as there are for all other years combined?

4.  Why do people think the '83's are and '84 or sometimes a '85 model?

        Maybe there were a lot of leftovers.....

5.  I have seen pictures of later year Canadian VMAX's with what appears to be a heat shield between the exhaust and the hood...  Was this an accessory?

6.  Has anyone put the larger tank from and Exciter,  SRV, or Phazer on the 540?  If so what modifications were needed?

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