More clutch options for the Vmax 540

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More clutch options for the Vmax 540

Post by opsled » Mon Feb 04, 2008 6:31 pm

Here are some pics of an 07 Yamaha Phazer primary and secondary clutches mounted on a Vmax 540 engine and jack shaft. They fit both the engine and jackshafts perfectly. The primary will sit 3/32" closer to the frame than the OEM Yamaha/Comet 102 but should be able to be adjusted to work. It is not as close s the P-85 Polaris I have on my mod. These are "overdrive clutches unlike the original 1 to 1 setup. These clutches WILL fit in the chassie without clearance issues. The larger diameter secondary will give a lower initial gearing for take off and the larger primary an overdrive effect for higher top speed. I'm sure this setup will need to be tweeked (calibration wise) to be right for the 540 but should be a great improvement over stock once done. Engagement on the 07 Phazer is 4500 (Vmax stock is 4200). The Phazer makes about the same HP at about the same rpms but has a broader torque curve. This setup should be fairly close. My best guess on what would be needed without trying it is that maybe a little stiffer primary spring and a tighter wrap on the secondary but I would run them like this as a base to start. These clutches are setup for an 1 3/8" belt and an 1105 Polaris belt should be the right size. I don't have a running Vmax right now to try them or I would know more.

These clutches came off a 2007 Phazer GT with 286 original miles on them and are in perfect (like new) condition. The top 3/4" on the primary has never seen the belt. They are for sale for $450 for the pair with a used 1105 belt.

This should be in the classified section but I put it here so others that arn't looking to buy can get an idea of what is possible.

Thanks, Phil (opsled) 262-767-9023





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Post by jefflanthier » Mon Feb 04, 2008 8:53 pm

thats awesome information i wish i had the $
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clutching da Vmax.

Post by srxvmax50 » Tue Feb 05, 2008 12:39 am

Boy, right now there is a heap of real good info about clutching coming across VVM. I'm copying every page, thanks everybody! If a guy is looking at a pile of Yam-Comet 102 weights, springs and shims, as I have, and has his hands on an EXP 108 overdrive which I used back in the mid nineties, then he still can make all his parts usefull to him by michineing the secondary's helix to allow the ypz secondary to open further to get beyound the one to one ratio. You need to lathe deeper down into the helix face where the circlip rides. This will allow that torgue converter to open further, setting the drive belt back down to the very bottom of the it, for highest gear ratio at shift-out. Don't go too far, don't drop your belt onto the T-C shaft, plus you need the helix ramps to be just setting onto the three plastic guide pucks while at static, (idle), so don't go too far. You'll see. Also what may be usefull is to try a multi-angle-helix, I kant remember the angles, seems like 45 and 47 back then, but the m.a.h. gave the engine just a little more gradule upshift off the the line then opened up at a quickened rate for grabbing all of that higher rpm horsepower. You should always play with your engines hp by putting various clutching-gearing loads onto it's powercurve, for your vmax has a decent p-c once you get away from the necessary lower engagement r's of 48 hundred or so. Oh, I realize that the sheave angles do differ between the comet overdrive clutches and the stock Yamaha non-overdrive torgue converters, but I think that there will still be enough belt tack. Dbl. check the staic belt deflection! Not too sloppy, not too tight. You could bend a crank. Use specs for deflection! So don't worry, be carefull & give it all a try! MJD

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Post by jipcee » Tue Feb 05, 2008 12:41 am!
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Post by CircleMGYTKit » Tue Feb 05, 2008 9:44 am

I have been running clutches on my 83 vmax off of a 1995 Vmax 600 same spring ,weights. 2 engagement washers and i loosend up the secondary. Works great no bogs and awsome top end.

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Vmax540 clutching

Post by MMrick » Fri Feb 08, 2008 2:30 pm

108comet,a-1,green@yellowsping,alignment must be rightonwith offset&dist. at stock settings. Stock secondary set on B-2. Carbs.@near stock settings@0 elevation.You must see 8200to8400 on the tach.

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Post by Undertaker#13 » Fri Feb 08, 2008 4:48 pm

:roll: Ok so what are you getting for speed in 1000 ft with all these new clutch changes and set up's. I would love to try, but have to run stock equipment :? Number one the polar-pig clutch idea is out!! Never run a polar-pig part on a Yammie :P I race with the stock clutch and never have a problem

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Post by Vmax540 » Tue Jan 05, 2010 11:08 am

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