Elkland show is back !

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Elkland show is back !

Post by Vmax540 » Mon Jun 06, 2011 7:58 am

I think all the near by Vintage Vmaxer's should go ? ! ?


After getting quizzed and reminisced about this show over the past two seasons, I fired off a few emails and got a very enthusiastic welcome from the new Elkland Jubilee committee. So we have a chance here to get our foot in the door, and build something nice.

1. The Elkland Vintage Muscle Snowmobile Show & Swap Meet will be on Saturday, 7-9-11, at the old site in Elkland PA, Tioga County, near the New York state line, on the old school grounds on Coates Avenue in the center of town. The town is throwing a carnival so there will be kiddy rides and vendors all over. I think we'll most likely line up along the sidewalk, in the grass, next to the road, or along the back fence. We are still working that out. Anyway the field is huge and usually there is plenty of room.
2. After being gone for four years, this year will be a rebuilding year. Therefore, there is no charge for entry or swap fee. There will be a kitty bucket at the sign in tent. If you wish to feed the kitty and help out with show expenses, thanks!
3. Because we are starting over from scratch, I want this show to be fun first, competition second. That's why we are only going to offer a Best Of Show Trophy voted on by fans and participants. We'll have a general discussion at shows end as to how things may go next year.
4. Now I know we were known for raising money for the A.C.S. Well, to keep it simple, I'm going to have flyers at the show with all of the pertinent information as to how to donate on your own to the American Cancer Society Web Page. It's a lot easier that way.
5. Stay tuned for more updates as they become available. Feel free to post away below with ideas and suggestions and cheers!
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